Personal Injury

Lydy and Moan understands that individuals and businesses can be subject to a wide variety of tort, statutory, or contract-based claims. Our office provides the diversity of experience and the qualified litigators necessary to address all such litigation needs. If the claim has to do with personal conduct, special relationships developed between parties, obligations assumed by contract, statutory claims, or otherwise, individuals and businesses need to be able to rely upon a robust litigation defense.

Lydy and Moan attorneys bring decades of experience in litigation allowing us to assist clients in all such areas. This work can be brought on behalf of the individual or corporate litigant, or often through liability carriers who provide a sufficiently broad base of coverage for addressing such claims.

This practice area compasses all forms of personal and business liabilities – traditional premises, auto, and product liability, automobile accident claims, and hospital, doctor or medical malpractice claims.

Attorneys Practicing Personal Injury Law

Anthony P. Spinazze

Anthony P. Spinazze

Attorney at Law, Lydy and Moan, Ltd.