Ohio Worker’s Compensation

Lydy and Moan attorneys can help you, the injured worker, or a worker with an occupational disease, secure the benefits to which you are entitled under Ohio law. We can also help the family of a worker killed in the course of employment obtain all the compensation permitted under the law.

Ohio Workers’ Compensation law has become increasingly complicated making it foolish to try to go it alone. Our attorneys make sure you are paid at the correct rate, that your medical services are approved and paid for by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and that you are paid for your time off of work. If your workers’ compensation claim requires hearings before the Industrial Commission of Ohio, our attorneys will be there to advocate for you.

Lydy and Moan attorneys can assist you in obtaining permanent partial disability awards, permanent total disability benefits, temporary total disability benefits, Additional Awards if your injury was a result of your employer violating a specific safety requirement (a VSSR award), as well as wage loss benefits and loss of limb awards.

Attorneys Practicing Ohio Worker’s Compensation Law

Jayson Taylor

Jayson Taylor, J.D., M.B.A.

Attorney at Law, Lydy and Moan, Ltd., Managing Partner
C. Gary Wilson

C. Gary Wilson

Attorney at Law, Lydy and Moan, Ltd.