Practice Areas


Lydy & Moan Ltd. assists individuals, as well as business at all stages of Bankruptcy proceedings.

Chapter 7 is the most common type of bankruptcy. It is sometimes referred to as "liquidation bankruptcy," or "straight bankruptcy." Its purpose is to provide you with a fresh start by wiping out all qualifying debts including credit cards, medical bills, past due utility bills, charge-offs, repossession deficiencies, and lawsuits, as well as a variety of other debts. In chapter 7 there is no repayment required for most unsecured debts, your debts are wiped out completely and permanently.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides consumers with a way to consolidate debt under federal law and repay creditors all or a portion of what is owed over time. The idea behind chapter 13 is that the consumer makes sufficient income to pay all current living expenses (rent, food, car, utilities, etc.), but not enough to pay off all debts in full or comply with creditor's demands. In chapter 13, living expenses are paid first, then whatever is left over goes into the bankruptcy plan. The plan is not based on what you owe (in most cases), it is based on your ability to repay creditors. The calculation of your plan payments involves many variables, but most importantly, it is based on your income and expenses. Whatever is left at the end of the month goes into the plan, even if it only pays creditors pennies on the dollar. The plan lasts for 36 to 60 months, unless your debts are fully repaid in a shorter period of time. At the end of the chapter 13 plan, any amounts still owing on your unsecured debts are forgiven.

Attorneys practicing: Steven Burke, Mike O'Donnell, Tony Spinazze

Business Representation

Lydy & Moan, Ltd. represents businesses in their most important business transactions. Our office develops long-term relationships with clients and is committed to providing them practical, responsive legal counseling in a timely and cost-effective manner. We understand the importance of serving each client's legal needs within the broader context of its overall business objectives. By forming close relationships, providing sensible project staffing, and remaining sensitive to client needs, our attorneys are able to focus on the big picture without losing sight of the small details. We provide advice to our clients on a broad range of business legal issues, from selection of the entity best suited to accomplish the goals of the start-up client, through the expansion strategies of the mature business. Our clients range in size from small, closely held businesses, to multinational corporations.

The business attorneys of Lydy & Moan, Ltd. have experience in all business related legal issues, including: general representation of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and limited partnerships, joint ventures, sole proprietorships, organizational and financial restructuring and recapitalization, private and conventional financing, refinancing, and work-outs; negotiation and preparation of commercial and other contracts, creditors' rights, and uniform commercial code matters.

Attorneys practicing: Ralph DeNune III, Frederick Kalmbach, Mike O'Donnell

Civil Litigation

Lydy & Moan Ltd. is qualified to represent you in business and commercial disputes, property and personal liability claims. Our office represents you at pretrial, trial, and appellate stages of litigation in federal and state courts.

Civil litigation encompasses the following practices areas: general business, commercial and contract claims, employment and employment discrimination claims, products liability, insurance defense and insurance coverage disputes, medical malpractice defense and personal injury claims.

Attorneys practicing: Kevin Ferguson, Tony Spinazze

Criminal Defense

Criminal law encompasses the rules and statutes written by Congress and state legislators dealing with any criminal activity that causes harm to the general public, with penalties. The skilled defense attorneys of Lydy & Moan, Ltd, are well versed in the criminal procedures used when charging, trying, sentencing and imprisoning defendants convicted of crimes, as well as regulation concerning how suspects are investigated, charged and tried.

Criminal Defense law covers the legal area of defending against a criminal charge. Some subcategories of criminal law include substantive criminal law or criminal procedure, traffic violations, post-release control, and problems arising in administration and enforcement of criminal justice.

Attorneys practicing: Steven Burke, Ralph DeNune III, Matthew Exton, Kevin Ferguson, Mike O'Donnell, Tony Spinazze

Domestic Relations

Lydy & Moan, Ltd. understands that domestic relation issues do not have to be contentious, long, or expensive ordeals. Whether the best interest of the parties involved is to seek an amicable or contested resolution of the matter, our respected domestic relations attorneys work together to bring settlement to any and all domestic issues. Our office assists parties in reaching their desired goals while still minimizing the expense, time, and emotions of litigation wherever possible.

The law of domestic relations is a broad category that encompasses: divorce, property settlements, alimony, spousal support, or other maintenance, the establishment of paternity, the establishment or termination of parental rights, child support, child custody, visitation, adoption, and emancipation of minors.

Attorneys practicing: Steven Burke, Ralph DeNune III, Matthew Exton, Kevin Ferguson, Mike O'Donnell, Tony Spinazze

Estate Planning

Estate Planning focuses on the use, protection, and disposition of assets and includes retirement planning, preparation of wills and trusts, administration of estates, representation of clients in will contests and disputes, preparation of living wills, guardianships, adoptions, and counseling on the disposition of assets by gift or time of death.

Estate Planning includes the practice areas of: retirement planning, preparation of wills and trusts, living wills, guardianship, adoptions, counseling on the disposition of assets by gift or time of death, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid matters, succession planning, business succession planning, charitable planning, estate and gift planning, estate and trust administration, fiduciary litigation, income tax planning and compliance, and trust counsel services.

Attorneys practicing: Kevin Ferguson, Mike O'Donnell, Tony Spinazze, Linde Webb, C. Gary Wilson

Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice

Lydy & Moan, Ltd. understands that individuals and businesses can be subject to a wide variety of tort, statutory, or contract-based claims. Our office provides the diversity of experience and the qualified litigators necessary to address all such litigation needs. If the claim has to do with personal conduct, special relationships developed between parties, obligations assumed by contract, statutory claims, or otherwise, individuals and businesses need to be able to rely upon a robust litigation defense. Lydy & Moan, Ltd. attorneys bring decades of experience in litigation allowing us to assist clients in all such areas. This work can be brought on behalf of the individual or corporate litigant, or often through liability carriers who provide a sufficiently broad base of coverage for addressing such claims.

This practice area compasses all forms of personal and business liabilities - traditional premises, auto, and product liability, automobile accident claims, and hospital, doctor or medical malpractice claims.

Attorneys practicing: Steven Burke, Kevin Ferguson, Tony Spinazze

Property Law

Lydy & Moan, Ltd. specializes in transactions involving ownership, purchase, sale, lease, development, and financing relating to real property. Our attorneys have accumulated years of knowledge and experience in successfully handling a vast array of real estate matters, they specialize in preparing and negotiating the legal documentation for land transactions and closings, as well as litigating disputes when they arise. Each attorney has the experience to recognize that just as every piece of land is unique, so are each client's goals and desires with respect to their property. Lydy & Moan, Ltd. starts by understanding each client's individual needs and objectives. Then we individually advise each client on developing and implementing a realistic plan to achieve those objectives.

This practice area encompasses: annexation, zoning and permitting proceedings, landlord/tenant actions and mortgage foreclosures, eminent domain, public and private financing transactions, permanent financing, sale-lease back and bankruptcy transactions.

Attorneys practicing: Steven Burke, Kevin Ferguson, Mike O'Donnell, Tony Spinazze, Linde Webb, C. Gary Wilson

Social Security Disability

Lydy & Moan can represent you before the Social Security Administration to secure SSD and/or SSI benefits if you have severe disabilities that keep you from working. We understand what type of medical and vocational evidence the Social Security Administration needs in order to grant a claim and we have experience securing such evidence. Our attorneys will appear with and on your behalf before the Social Security Administrative Law Judge. When indicated, we will also present your claim to the Appeals Council.

Attorneys practicing: C. Gary Wilson, Michael Vanderhorst


Lydy & Moan, Ltd. can assist you in planning, compliance, and disputes involving federal, state, and local taxation. Our offices combine technical tax knowledge with an understanding of business practices to minimize tax obligations to the fullest legal extent.

Taxation includes the practices areas of: individual, corporations, S corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts, and estates, individual and business tax issues involving the Internal Revenue Service, the Ohio Department of Taxation, the Michigan Department of Treasury, and local tax authorities, Ohio Franchise Tax, Ohio Commercial Activities Tax, and Michigan Business Tax, Federal and state estate and gift tax, fiduciary income tax returns, tax aspects of mergers and consolidations, tax aspects of sales and acquisitions of businesses, sales and use tax, property tax on real estate and personal property, selection of the appropriate entity for new businesses, deferred compensation and qualified retirement plans, tax aspects of business liquidation, dissolution, workout, and bankruptcy, tax aspects of estate plans, tax credits and incentives.

Attorneys practicing: Frederick Kalmbach

Ohio Worker's Compensation

Lydy & Moan attorneys can help you, the injured worker, or a worker with an occupational disease, secure the benefits to which you are entitled under Ohio law. We can also help the family of a worker killed in the course of employment obtain all the compensation permitted under the law.

Ohio Workers’ Compensation law has become increasingly complicated making it foolish to try to go it alone. Our attorneys make sure you are paid at the correct rate, that your medical services are approved and paid for by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and that you are paid for your time off of work. If your workers’ compensation claim requires hearings before the Industrial Commission of Ohio, our attorneys will be there to advocate for you.

Lydy & Moan attorneys can assist you in obtaining permanent partial disability awards, permanent total disability benefits, temporary total disability benefits, Additional Awards if your injury was a result of your employer violating a specific safety requirement (a VSSR award), as well as wage loss benefits and loss of limb awards.

Attorneys practicing: C. Gary Wilson, Michael Vanderhorst, Carla Lombardo